The Gramophone Sketch

The Gramophone - Hayes

Really Local Group™’s latest project has received a £1.2m funding boost from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund.

Known as ‘The Gramophone’ the venue will sit within The Old Vinyl Factory development and will be a new world class cultural and creative hub for Hayes. The venue will feature a 3 screen cinema, live music venue and interactive exhibitions in partnership with the EMI Archive Trust celebrating the site’s history as a key part of the global music trade.

Plans for the Gramophone include:

  • A 3-screen cinema
  • Community spaces
  • EMI interactive exhibition
  • Welcoming café/bar

The Gramophone building will retain sections of the former pressing plant, an iconic industrial component of the global music trade, where grooves were stamped onto heated vinyl, producing millions of records that shipped around the world with the famous words printed on the sleeve: ‘EMI Records, Hayes, Middlesex, England’.

For any more information or to offer your support please contact: [email protected]

The Gramophone Social: